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1.Shwezigon Pagada- Shwezigon Pagoda is one of the most spectacular savannas in Bagan. In this field south of Mandalay, you can find dozens and dozens of pagodas and temples, built between the eleventh and thirteenth century. Shwezigon is one of the most famous temples, first by its size, as it is one of the largest historic sites of Bagan.

2.Anada Temple- One of the most significant Buddhist temples in Bagan, the Ananda Temple is a must to visit. There are four large Buddha statues on each side fronting four distinctive directions (N,S,E,W) and is very well conserved.

3.Thetbyinu Pagoda- It's a noticeable and worth visiting. It's the tallest structure in Bagan. It stands 61 meters. Heavily damaged during the 1975 earthquake, there have been several attempts at repair so that this temple can still boast being the tallest temple in Bagan at almost 200-ft/61M ish. Built during a general return to Theravada Buddhism 

4.Dhamayangyi Temple - Visible from all parts of Bagan, this gigantic, walled, 12th-century temple (about 1600ft east of Shwesandaw) is infamous for its mysterious, bricked-up inner passageways and cruel history. It’s said that King Narathu built the temple to atone for his sins: he overwhelmed his father and brother to death and performed one of his wives, an Indian princess, for active Hindu rituals.

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